Flavours of the Alpilles

Provençal Cuisine

& the flavours of the Alpilles : the perfect destination for gourmets.


Fellow gourmets, know that Provençal gastronomy is no less than an explosion of flavours that will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Numerous chefs willingly cook delicious dishes based on sun-drenched products, in a traditional or completely revisited way. Discover quality craftsmen who will delight all gourmets and food lovers with local products. In the morning, there’s nothing like a little tour of one of our Provençal markets to understand just how much of an open-air vegetable garden the Alpilles are, which will whet your appetite. You will find fruits and vegetables from the Alpilles as well as other local products.

For your daily shopping, think of visiting our big or small-scale food shops.


Go visit olive-growing estates and taste different kinds of olive oil; mild or more spicy... The green gold of the Alpilles lives up to its name!

If you wish to go even further in the knowledge of olive oil, a visit of the village of Mouriès, first olive-growing commune in France, will learn you more about the history of millers and the making of olive oil.

Olive Oil, the Green Gold of the Alpilles

Our wine estates Wines of the Alpilles

 Follow the wine route and visit our vineyards at the foot of the Alpilles. You might want to attend a wine tasting workshop and discover the history of our unique terroir through different wine estates.

Meet our passionate winemakers and their exceptional wines! 

Wines and vineyards of the Alpilles

Our delicatessens

Our wine and liquor cellars

Vins, Champagnes, etc...

Vins, Champagnes, etc…

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Cave la vigne et l'olivier
Cave la Vigne et l'Olivier

Cave la vigne et l’olivier

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Magasin de spiritueux Caves et Domaines à Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
L'Agence by Lomé

Caves et Domaines

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The Alpilles and Provence are also representative of culinary specialities.

Provence is known for its sun, its landscapes, lavender and pétanque (boules game), but also for its gastronomy. People speak of cooking “in the Provençal way”, which shows the extent of our culinary power! Here are some Provençal recipes for you to make and share with family and friends.

To cook well, you must most of all buy well !

Whatever your budget or desires, find all of our food shops for your daily shopping and the greengrocers to stock up on fruit and vegetables from local producers. Take advantage of organic shops to find organic or specific products.

Take advantage of a stay in Provence to discover Provençal recipes by taking cooking lessons or call on a chef to prepare a delicious meal for you at your home!