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Provençal cuisine is an integral part of French gastronomy. It offers dishes with shimmering colours and captivating aromas which will brighten up your meals. Olive oil, garlic, basil, thyme, rosemary, laurel, fish, lamb and numerous seasonal vegetables… The dishes are simple and well-balanced, with ingredients that are good for both health and spirits.

Welcome to the Alpilles in Provence.

The restaurants of the Alpilles know how to combine Mediterranean and French cuisine with finesse. They also propose flavours from elsewhere that will equally enchant your taste buds.


Feel like going out ?

A glass of wine, accompanied by a cheese and charcuterie board, will satisfy your taste buds!

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OTI Alpilles en Provence

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Here you will find all the restaurants of the Alpilles region. You will also be able to see the local producers, the delicacies of the Alpilles and the delicatessens.

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