Les Olives noires au sel
OTI Alpilles en Provence

Dry salt-cured black olives, a delight

The olive tree, a sacred tree, is venerated throughout Provence. It is one of the most typical elements of the Provençal landscape and culture.

Its fruits, the olives, are excellent food. They can be green, i.e. harvested before they are ripe. There are also black olives, which are harvested when they are ripe.

Let’s see how to prepare the famous black olives with salt.

Information : Black olives from the Baux-de-Provence valley are from the Grossane variety.

Preparation of the black olives with salt : 

The salted black olives are ready. Not only for the aperitif, you can also use them as a condiment to spice up a dish in sauce for example (remember not to salt your dish, the olives take care of themselves).

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