Aïgo boulido, ideal for the aftermath of a party

According to the old Provençal adage :  “L’Aïgo boulido sauvo la vido tant qu’en mangeara sia pas mort”
“Boiled water saves your life; as long as you eat it, you won’t die”

Literally “boiled water”, this typically Provençal broth is prepared exclusively with garlic, thyme, sage and boiled water.

Take advantage from its significant benefits for the body thanks to its digestive and dietetic virtues, particularly with regard to the liver.

In short, it is ideal for a post-party detox or simply from time to time to detoxify.

Enhanced with olive oil and small croutons rubbed with garlic, you can also add vermicelli.

According to some, Aïgo Boulido was part of the Lean Christmas Meal (Le Gros Souper).

Ingredients for 4 :

Preparation of the recipe :

Be careful not to add too much sage, nor cook it for too long, as the broth should remain clear. If it becomes darker, it means that it is no longer good.

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