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Historic site and monument

Oratory of St. Theresa, Oratory of St. Roch, Oratory of St. Victor. All three oratories are registered in the inventory of historical monuments.

Oratory of St Theresa: Oratory built in the 17th century.
The building, constructed of medium-sized stones, consists of three storeys separated by moulded cornices. The central part is cut through with four rectangular bays supporting the lantern-shaped niche, whose four sides have semi-circular arches. The roof consists of a stone dome.
Oratory of St Roch: Erected during the great plague of 1721, it is dedicated not only to Saint Roch (who was traditionally invoked in the event of an epidemic), but also to the Virgin, Saint Joseph and the Sacred Heart, representations of whom can be found on the monument. On the square plinth is a niche, whose four sides feature a semi-circular niche. At the back of each of these niches is a terracotta plaque with a haut-relief representation of a saint. Below each niche is a marble plaque on which can be read: Under St Roch: 'IN THE YEAR 1721, WITH SICKNESS IN PROVENCE, AGNES AUBERT HAD THESE FOUR LIKENESS OF SAINTS ERECTED FOR COMMON DEVOTION. ST ROCH, PROTECT US'. Under the Virgin: NOTRE-DAME DU MONT CARMEL, HOPE OF SINNER SOULS, DEIGN TO GRANT US THE HEALING OF OUR WEAKNESSES FROM THE HEAVENS'. Under the Sacred Heart: IN THE YEAR 1895, CONTAGION WAS RIFE IN THIS TOWN, THE PEOPLE VOWED TO RE-ESTABLISH THE FORMER MONUMENT TO HIS PEITY THAT WAS TAKEN AWAY ON 28 May 1888 AND TO COME HERE IN JUNE EVERY YEAR TO THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THE CEASING OF THE SCOURGE SACRED HEART OF JESUS SAVE US' Under Saint Joseph: '.......SAINT JOSEPH PRAY FOR US........WHO CHOSE YOU AS A FATHER......WILL SAVE US THANKS TO YOU......PLAGUE, FAMINE AND WAR'.
Oratory of Saint Victor: Erected during the plague epidemic of 1721 in thanks to the saints for protecting the town from the illness; it has four sides, two of which house representations of Saint Roch and Saint Victor. As well as its dual dedication, the Oratory is original in that the figures of the saints are in bas-relief and not in the form of statues, as is the case in most oratories.
These small buildings were particularly popular in the region due to the great devotion of the local population. Saint Roch was one of the names most commonly given to oratories, due to the serious epidemics which devastated the region on several occasions. They were also landmarks on the landscape.
This oratory is located on the site of a former chapel, no trace of which remains.
The three oratories are listed as regional Historic Monuments.

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