Eglise Saint Pierre Es Liens
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Eglise Saint Pierre Es Liens

Historic site and monument

The parish church of Fontvieille was built in 1695 with stone from the Fontvieille quarries. It has the particularity of having two bell towers of different appearance, built about 100 years apart (1765 and 1866).

Saint Pierre-ès-Liens, the commune's parish church, is built in the Classical style.
Construction began in 1695, as the former Saint Pierre-ès-Liens parish church had become too small to accommodate the villagers due to the growth of the village (growth due in part to the operation of the quarries from the 15th century).
From 1790 and throughout the post-Revolutionary period, the building was used as a community room. It was re-consecrated in the early 19th century. Founded in part on an old château, Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens church is made of stone from Fontvieille quarry. Its imposing 19th century façade was inspired by those of Doric temples; on each side of the portal, two pilasters topped with capitals support an entablature composed of an architrave with two fasciae, an unadorned frieze dotted with triglyphs and metopes and a cornice, all surmounted by a triangular fronton. Visitors can admire sculpted bas-relief coats of arms on the central part of the fronton. (We have no information on the origin of these coats of arms). The church was taken over for the first time in 1765 and then for the second time in 1865/1875, which explains the fact that the two bell towers have different appearances and decorative styles. The first bell tower has a square base, topped with a drum dome cut through with semi-circular arches. At the top is a wrought iron weather vane representing a greyhound; this is the crest of the Canillac family and it can also be found on the town's coats of arms. The clock tower, added in 1866, is a square construction decorated with cornices at the top and surmounted by a domed roof.

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