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Cécile offers nature walks to discover the birds of the Alpilles. Depending on the season, we can observe different breeds of birds.

Birding in the Alpilles,
When is the best time to observe birds in the Alpilles?
I will say all year. In winter some birds are coming from northern region as the
Wallcreeper named as well the « butterfly birds ». This bird will choose the cliff of the Alpilles.
The northern Lapwing is usually easy to observe in the field.
Spring and summer are really exacting for the birders. Some birds spend the winter in Africa when the summer and with it the nesting season is coming they come back to Provence,
They are one of the most colorful birds in Europe, the Rollers and the Bee-eaters.
The eagle such as the short-toed Snake Eagle and the Egyptian Vulture are coming back in spring.
As the sedentary birds we will see the Dartford Warblers, woodlark, Grey Shrike or Bleue Rock Thrush.
The large numbers of species we can see in the Alpilles is due to the great diversity of landscapes.

The birding tour are usually in the morning, with the option to organize a picnic for a birding day.
We provide binoculars 8x42 provided.

Share that experience with your friends or family.

See you soon for a birding day in the Alpilles.
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