Le lavoir
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Le lavoir

Historic site and monument

In the 19th century, the covered washhouse was built in Fontvieille stone. The fresh water comes from the "vieille font" fountain, located next door. At the time, it was used by the inhabitants of the village to wash their clothes during the "bugado" ("laundry" in Provencal).

This is a very attractive wash house made of Fontvieille stone.
The fresh water came from the 'Vieille Font' fountain nearby. At the time, the inhabitants used it to wash their clothes during the 'bugado' ('washing' in Provençal).
It is fairly large, as the village's population was growing steadily over time, and the wash house had to meet everyone's needs.
It is a timeless place; it is in the country and thus has a calm atmosphere.
The water was then removed via a small irrigation canal called a 'roubino', which ran through the fields.
This 19th century wash house is covered with timbers on pillars. Visitors can see the protective wall made of Fontvieille stone during the second half of the 19th century.

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