Théâtre - La Saga de Molière
Les Estivants - Mairie Fontvieille

Théâtre - La Saga de Molière


It is on the paths of rurality, faithful to the spirit of Molière, that the troupe of the Estivants will regale us with its saga, on the square of the Château de Montauban!

With La Saga de Molière, the company Les Estivants, led by author and director Johana Giacardi, creates its first large-scale production for the 400th anniversary of Molière's birth and takes on the epic story of the life and quest of the French playwright and actor Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. When was Molière's golden age? In the instability of his early years or in the comfort of his later years?

With Valentine Basse, Anne-Sophie Derouet, Nais Desiles, Johana Giacardi, Edith Mailaender
Written and directed by Johana Giacardi
Lighting design Lola Delelo
Sound design Valentine Basse
Sets and props Camille Lemonnier assisted by Valentine Basse, Julie Cardile and Edith Mailaender
Costume design Albane Roche-Michoudet, Naïs Desiles, Johana Giacardi, Camille Lemonnier
Production-Dissemination Officer Lisiane Gether
Production Les Estivants Delegated touring production Théâtre du Gymnase-Bernardines
Coproduction Théâtre Antoine Vitez, Pôle Arts de la Scène, Théâtre Antoine Vitez, Théâtre du Gymnase-Bernardines

Freely inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov's Roman de Monsieur de Molière.

As part of Pays d'Arles, Capitale Provençale de la culture.

Free admission subject to availability.

  • French Languages spoken
Indications Prices

Free entry.


Indications Openings

Tuesday 28 June 2022 between 8.30 pm and 10 pm.

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13990 Fontvieille
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