Spectacle Raymond Devos à Mas-Blanc-des-Alpilles

Spectacle Raymond DEVOS


Raymond Devos' show "Pour quand? What time?" on Sunday April 2nd at 4.30 pm at the Salle des Fêtes in Mas-Blanc-des-Alpilles!

Spectacle Raymond Devos à Mas-Blanc-des-Alpilles

After the success of the show "Le sens du Ridicule" by Raymond Devos, here is "POUR QUAND? WHAT TIME?" (Season 2 initiated at the Festival OFF 2021) a new journey into the universe of the master of the absurd. Two actors are about to perform sketches by the great Raymond Devos, whose soul hovers in the theatre. Except that a quarrel breaks out on the stage, jeopardising the show. One of the actors leaves the stage, leaving his partner in the lurch. The latter is confronted with the arrival of a very annoying character, Mr Panard, who is going to make a mess of the show. When the other comedian, very late, comes back for the restart of the show ending with the sketch "the possessed of the taxman", it will be the end of the show... But what an end! Here is a new opus of hilarious and well-known sketches by the great Raymond Devos. A real treat!
Directed and adapted by Philippe Josserand
Performed by Raphaël BIANCIOTTO and Morgan CAYRIER and Philippe Josserand.

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Sunday 2 April 2023 at 4.30 pm.

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Place Pierre Limberton
13103 Mas-Blanc-des-Alpilles
06 08 03 71 67