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Sam Évasion

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Come and discover the activity of Afghan walking with its breathing methods and walking techniques combined with beautiful hikes.

The Afghan walk consists of walking while synchronising your breathing with your steps, according to different rhythms chosen by the walker. Breathing is done through the nose, this little extra breathing may seem trivial but can greatly improve your well-being.

It is a physical activity with multiple benefits, both for the mind and the body, easy and accessible to all.

It has several benefits:
- Improved blood circulation and oxygenation of the cells
- Regulation of the heart rhythm
- Improved joint and ligament flexibility
- Increased muscle relaxation
- Contribution to the straightening of the posture and toning of the abdominal muscles and the back
- Reduction and elimination of fat
- Stimulation of the basic metabolism
- Actively supports the integration of positive thinking
- Improves the quality of sleep
- Promotes general well-being

A real regeneration!

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  • Not accessible in a wheelchair Disabled access
  • Pets welcome Pets
type of clientele
  • Children
  • For athletes
  • Not accessible in a wheelchair
Indications Prices

One price: 20 €.

Prices are set according to the number of hikes or other events.

Indications Openings

All year round.

Localisation & Contacts
3543 route de Mézoargues
Mas de la Butte
13150 Tarascon
06 51 16 92 15 Contact us See the website