Le Safran d'Athos
Le Safran d'Athos

Le Safran d'Athos

Plants and derivative products

To the saffron of Athos! In search of professional reconversion, I am installed since August 2021 in Beaucaire. I grow saffron organically. The harvest of 2021 is classified ISO 3632, worthy of a high quality saffron.

I offer you saffron in filaments only (no powder) and saffron products: syrup, organic olive oil, jams...
I am happy to welcome you to my saffron field.

Athos Saffron was born "thanks" or "because" of the "covid" period.
Having a very large plot of land, I planted vegetables there, a little more than in other years.
The harvests were very good...


I wanted to test it at first - 35 bulbs. Then why not go for it outright. Since 2012 I have been dreaming of a professional reconversion...
7035 organic bulbs planted later, comes the 1st harvest, which will give 59%. Not bad for a first year.
Despite a little stress during the harvest, I really discover saffron. And in spite of the difficulty of this one and the pruning of the flowers, sometimes nearly 1 000 per day, the patience does not leave me.
Why Athos? I owed it to my reformed racing driver, he left me 1000 m2 of his meadow to cultivate my saffron. Thank you my beautiful Athos!
Here is a story which starts slowly but surely.

Come and taste for yourself!

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  • Plants and derivative products
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All year round, daily.

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