Conference of the Friends of Alphonse Daudet
Colloque des Amis d'Alphonse Daudet

Conference of the Friends of Alphonse Daudet


Conference of the Friends of Alphonse Daudet

Conference of the Friends of Alphonse Daudet
Colloque des Amis d'Alphonse Daudet

Conference, Daudet days, lectures, photo exhibitions, theatre, concert.


8 June - 7pm: Conference at the Eden Cinéma - Daudet and Roumanille by Valérie Siaud

At the Bergerie du Château Montauban
9 June - 3pm: Introduction "Figures of the poet in the work of Daudet" by Pierre Dufief
15h30: Poetic forms "Poetry between music and prose: Daudet and Wagner" by Jacques Ponnier
4pm: The Prose Poem by Joëlle Ponnier

16h45: "Here, for Panurge, are two unpublished pages from one of my little notebooks", Daudet, the prose poem, the review, by Alessia Baldini
5.15 pm: "Daudet, poet of current events" by Romain Enriquez
18h30 at the Eden Cinéma: Conference "Germinal, an epic poem", by Alain Pagès
9pm at the Château de Montauban: Sound reading "Emile Zola: NON à l'erreur judiciaire", by Murielle Szac

At the Bergerie du Château de Montauban
10 June - 9am: Around the Parnassus: the poet and his models "Daudet and the Parnassus" by Yann Motelette
9.30am: "Les Amoureuses, an original collection?" by Catherine Botterel
10 am: "The Parnassus legacy" by Laure Darcq and Edouard Galby-Marinetti

At the crossroads of influences
10:45: "Amable, Alphonse and Anna, a poetic triplet: Daudet between muse and epigone" by Laurence Messonnier
11.15am: "Daudet and the félibres: a friend who wants them well?" by Philippe Martel
11h45: "Poetic Corsica" by Bernard Urbani
13:00: Lunch

Readings and Reception
15h: "Daudet poet: reception in the Parisian press (1858-1897)" by Gabrielle Hirchwald
3.30 pm: "Theatre and poetry" by Anne Dufief
4pm: "A reader, a reader: two sensibilities to Daudet's poetry" by Christiane Chamand-Debenest and Christian Bindoni

Square of the Château de Montauban
9.30 pm: Concert "Music at the time of Daudet" Piano recital by Célimène Daudet (fee: 25€)

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From Thursday 8 to Saturday 10 June 2023.

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