Cimetiere des juifs

Historic site and monument

Le cimetière occupe cet emplacement depuis au moins le début du 15e siècle. Le mur d'enceinte et le portail ont été réalisés en 1847.

The cemetery has been on this site since at least the early 15th century. The enclosure wall and the portal were built in 1847.
The sixty remaining tombs date back to the 15th and 19th centuries. They are raised and flat and are organised in rows along the walls. A few monumental tombs stand amidst the trees. The first mention of the cemetery was in the early years of the 15th century, when a relatively large Jewish community lived in Saint-Rémy, as testified by the synagogue and the Rue de Juiverie in the town centre. Louis XII expelled the Jews from Provence a century later, in 1500, and the cemetery was abandoned. It was given a new lease of life when the Jews returned during the Revolution. The last burial took place in 1910 and its is now unused.

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