Biscuiterie Charly
Biscuiterie Charly

Biscuiterie Charly


Venez découvrir l'univers merveilleux du village gourmand des Biscuits Charly, sur 1 000m² le long de la Nationale 7. Plongez dans une ambiance authentique des années 40 et découvrez les pépites sucrées et salées de cette maison provençale traditionnelle.

It is at the end of the second world war in the 1950s Charles Jobic said Charly created his artisanal biscuit in Paris to develop its past revenue. The quality and reputation of cookies Charly quickly beyond Paris. In the early 1960s, gourmet travel throughout the region to buy her cookies. In 1974 the biscuit will move to stay in the heart of the Gold Coast. With the booming of France at this time, cookies Charly develops new recipes to expand also its distribution.That's 1985 Charles Jobic decided to create a second biscuit factory in the South of France to Barbentane. With his two sons, Pascal and Yves, he managed to create new recipes including the famous four mini shifts all developing distribution in all the big South. In 1989, Charles and his two sons decided to build a modern biscuit factory in the village of Saint-Andiol, near Avignon. It will notably allow the development of new lines of biscuits while ensuring a high quality manufacturing.The biscuit factory is today headed by Pascal that develops with passion the cookie recipes inherited from his father. He decided to give a breath at the biscuit factory developing new recipes in turn as is tradition in the family. Biscuits Charly, institution, making for two generations of authentic artisanal cookies and quality.FACTORY sale store to individuals, free tour and tasting.Local produce, gift ideas, master patissier chocolatier, wine cellar...

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From 01/07 to 31/08 between 9 am and 6.30 pm.
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Closed on Sunday.

From 01/12 to 25/12, daily between 9 am and 6.30 pm.

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13670 Saint-Andiol
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