Abbaye de Pierredon à Mouriès
Abbaye de Pierredon

Abbaye Sainte-Marie de Pierredon

Historic site and monument

Construite sur un plan simple, il s'agit d'une chapelle romane, sobre et modeste. Elle possède deux travées et un cul de four. La porte est en plein cintre à claveau. La chapelle a un petit clocher carré.

This rural chapel is attached to the Order of Chalais of Benedictine Obedience.
The chapel is one of the last in this Order, after Valbonne. It is Romanesque in style; the monastery is still visible, although it has been encompassed into the buildings constructed over the centuries.
In 1205, Michel de Mouriès, Bishop of Arles, gave Sainte-Marie-de-Pierredon church to Jourdan and Guillaume, Abbots of Chalais and Boscodon respectively, so they could found an abbey with one Abbot and twelve monks.
It is a sombre, modest Romanesque chapel constructed according to simple plans. It has two bays and a semi-dome. The door is a semi-circular cupola brick arch. The chapel has a small square bell tower. The remains of a later adjoining priory can still be seen.

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